About Us

April 24, 2023

Background Check Records is an in-depth resource on background checks and public records – for anyone looking to pass a background check, perform a background check, or for those looking to obtain personal public records through official databases. 

Our mission is to ensure everyone is able to fully understand the ins and outs of background checks  and has equal access to free public information that affects nearly everything in life – from job opportunities, buying a home, and even interpersonal relationships. 

This information can be used to gain insight into someone’s past, be sure an upcoming background check is passed, or figure out the best way to handle background checks as an employer.

Meet the Team

A portrait of Background Check Records founder, Jayson Baxter.

Jayson Baxter – Founder & President

Jayson is the founder and president of Background Check Records, with years of experience as a leader in the background screening industry. By climbing the corporate ladder, Jayson developed the necessary leadership skills that have guided Background Check Records to success. With his mission to make background checks understandable, James hopes to help individuals and professionals alike.

A portrait of Paulette Donner who serves as the director of operations for Background Check Records

Paulette Donner – Operations Director

Paulette has the focus, skills, and knowledge to ensure the day-to-day operations are run efficiently. She has five years of senior leadership roles and possesses the ability to manage operational processes for several departments within Background Check Records.

A portrait of Nichole Rite, the project manager for Background Check Records

Nichole Rite – Project Manager

Nicholes’ enthusiasm for structure keeps large content projects at Background Check Records rolling smoothly. Nichole has extensive knowledge surrounding managing and executing projects of any scope.

A portrait of Omar Khan who is the editor in chief of Background Check Records

Omar Khan – Editor in Chief

Martin has a passion for writing and editing with an emphasis on helping others. Martin has a bachelors in English and joined Background Check Records to help others fix, correct, and run background checks of all sorts.

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