Background Checks & Criminal Records

Background Check Records offers comprehensive resources on background checks, criminal records, and all other public records requests so anyone can obtain information on another person or gauge someone’s character. 

With the proper knowledge, the general public and professionals can access an array of information with background checks and public records, online or in person. Some information that’s available to the public includes:

  • Police, arrest, jail, prison, and criminal records
  • Civil records (property, contract, family, relationship, and property matters)
  • Arrest warrants
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Phone numbers
  • Previous and current addresses
  • Tenant rental history 
  • Employment verification
  • Professional licenses
  • Credit history checks
  • Drug screenings
  • Marriage records
  • Property records
  • Tax records (liens, levies, bankruptcies)
  • Public registries (i.e., sex offender registries, methamphetamine offender registries, etc.)

However, public records are notoriously known for being difficult to find due to the countless databases, state laws, and various record custodians that differ with each state. And running background checks isn’t challenging, but they’re much more complex and have their own set of complexities and associated laws.  

For example, land landlords, employers, and other qualified agencies must ensure their background checks abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and ban the box laws (if applicable). 

Background Check Records simplifies this process by ensuring all laws and regulations are met whether the background check or public record request is for professional or personal purposes.

Our mission is to empower the public with access to search tools, guides, and information to understand people’s past so they can make sound decisions – such as hiring the right employee, selecting the right rental applicant, fielding someone who was met online, or deciding whether or not to move forward in a relationship is in their best interest.

These decisions can significantly impact work morale and productivity, in addition to the quality of rental communities, license holders and an individual’s future so due diligence is encouraged.

With the right resources available, we hope to allow the public to run background checks and request public records easily – to learn more about someone and move forward confidently.

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