How To Find Someone’s Probation Officer: Search This Directory in 3 Steps

Jayson Baxter
August 5, 2022
In the image, a person wearing an ankle monitor is talking to their probation officer, while a concerned citizen on the right side is observing and pondering how to discover the identity of the probation officer.

Knowing how to find someone’s probation officer can be helpful for many reasons such as informing the probation officer about the parolee’s safety, mental well-being, potential drug use, or other probation violations.

Luckily, concerned citizens have the ability to reach out to someone’s probation officer by following just three steps to search the directory below.

To begin the process of locating someone’s probation officer, it’s essential to understand the structure of the probation system. The system comprises federal, state, and county levels, each having its respective officers.

Federal probation officers are under the supervision of the U.S Probation and Pretrial Services and deal with federal offenders. Parole was abolished by the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 1984 under the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 for defendants convicted of federal crimes after November 1, 1987.1

The probation and pretrial services of the United States Federal Court which is responsible for overseeing past prisoners who are now on parole.

Instead, offenders receive a supervised release which is a hybrid of probation and parole. While their numbers have decreased due to the act, their role has not entirely diminished as they have been placed in charge of other offenders such as old convictions and D.C offenders on parole.2

They are also still referenced as probation officers by the federal government.

State probation officers are state employees under the jurisdiction of their respective state departments of corrections. They oversee offenders that have been released on parole or released under supervision from state correctional facilities upon completion of their prison terms. Parolees serve the remainder of the prison term in the community.

County probation officers operate at the county level and are under the supervision of the municipal, district, and circuit courts. They may also be under the sheriff’s department. County probation officers have both juvenile and adult probation services under their scope.

City probation officers typically oversee a more lax form of supervision, including “suspended imposition of sentence” (SIS) – this is when an offender is under probation where there is no sentence resulting in no conviction when the term of probation ends.3

2. Find Probation Officers by Determining The Type of Crime or Where The Probationer Was Arrested

To locate someone’s probation officer, it’s ideal to first understand how to determine the reason for someone’s arrest or, at the very least, know the location where the probationer was arrested. In other words, did the offender commit a federal or state crime which has the implication on what jurisdiction the offender may be located, i.e., state or federal jurisdiction, thus:

  • Federal offenses would typically include crimes such as drug trafficking or bank robbery and would be classified as being in federal jurisdiction. Offenders, in this case, serve time in federal prisons.
  • State offenses may include crimes such as murder and rape and would be under state jurisdiction.

Secondly, the location of where the probationer was arrested would aid narrow the search down even further. This includes state, county, or city which determines the appropriate jurisdiction to check.

This information can be obtained with relative ease, whether or not someone’s probation officer is a public record.4

Note, probation officers’ names are not a part of public records but citizens can report the information to the suggested probation offices below and the information will be given to the appropriate probation officer.

3. Search for Someone’s Probation Officer Contacting Federal, State, County & City Probation Offices

Federal searches for someone’s probation officer will constitute contacting the federal probation office. This can be done online by visiting the Federal Court Finder. The search can be conducted using the city, state, or zip code of where the probationer is located.

The U.S. Federal Court Finder which allows citizens to find federal probation officer and offices.

Once the appropriate court is located, the requester may click on the link for the probation office and obtain the relevant contact information.

State searches will involve visiting the “community supervision” department for state crimes. This is usually located on the official state websites. The directory in the next sections will provide detailed information on respective states and territories.

County and city searches will usually also maintain “community supervision and correction” offices which can be retrieved from the respective county or city.

It should be noted that confirming that the offender is not back in prison would be ideal. Oftentimes, offenders cycle back between probation and prison due to constantly violating the terms of probation or parole. Over half of offenders on probation are usually re-arrested and placed back in custody.5

Having the offender’s full names and ID numbers would make the search for the probation officers easier; however, knowing aliases and unique identifying marks such as birthmarks or tattoos would be helpful.

Finding Someone’s Probation Officer Through Probation & Pretrial Offices: Reach Out to Federal Parole Officers

Interested persons may perform a parole and probation lookup for a federal offender using the probation and pretrial offices. Each of the 93 of 94 U.S. District courts including U.S territories has both probation and pretrial offices. These two offices may or may not be separated.

The directory below has contact information for all states and can be used to locate federal probation officers.

State Contact for Federal Parole & Probation Officers
Alabama Contact U.S. | Northern District of Alabama
Contacts | Southern District of Alabama | U.S. Probation Office
Alaska Officer Contacts | District of Alaska
Arizona U.S. Probation | District of Arizona | U.S. District Court
Arkansas Office Locations | Western District of Arkansas
Contact U.S. | Eastern District of Arkansas | U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services
California U.S. Probation Office – Northern District of California – Locations
Contact U.S. | Southern District of California
Colorado Colorado Judicial Branch – Probation Services – Contact U.S.
Connecticut Contact U.S. | District of Connecticut
Delaware Contact U.S. | District of Delaware
Florida U.S. Probation Southern District of Florida

Contact U.S. | Middle District of Florida

U.S. Probation – Northern District of Florida

Georgia Contact U.S. | Northern District of Georgia

Contact U.S. | Middle District of Georgia

Contact U.S. | Southern District of Georgia

Hawaii U.S. District Court – District of Hawaii
Idaho U.S. Probation, District of Idaho
Illinois U.S. Probation Office – Northern District of Illinois – Chicago
U.S. Probation Office – Northern District of Illinois – Lisle
U.S. Probation Office – Northern District of Illinois – Rockford
Phone List – U.S. Probation Office – Southern District of Illinois
Contact U.S. | Central District of Illinois
Indiana Contact U.S. | Southern District of Indiana
Contact U.S. | Northern District of Indiana
Iowa Southern District of Iowa | U. S. Probation and Pretrial Services
Directory & Related Links | Northern District of Iowa | U.S. District Court
Kansas District Information – Staff Roster – Public
Kentucky Bowling Green Office
Louisville Office
Owensboro Office
Paducah Office
Louisiana Contact U.S. | Eastern District of Louisiana | U.S. Probation Office
Baton Rouge | Middle District of Louisiana
Contact U.S. | Western District of Louisiana
Maine Contact U.S. | District of Maine
Maryland Probation and Pretrial Services Office | District of Maryland
Massachusetts Office Locations | District of Massachusetts
Michigan U.S. Probation Office – Eastern District of Michigan
Contact U.S. | Western District of Michigan
Minnesota Contact U.S. | District of Minnesota
Mississippi Office Locations | Southern District of Mississippi
Probation and Pretrial Services | Northern District of Mississippi
Missouri Hours & Contact Information | Eastern District of Missouri
Contact U.S. | Western District of Missouri
Montana Contact U.S. | District of Montana
Nebraska Lincoln | District of Nebraska
Omaha | District of Nebraska
Nevada Contact Information | U.S. Probation Office, District of Nevada
New Hampshire Contact U.S. | New Hampshire
New Jersey Contact Page | District of New Jersey
New Mexico Office Locations | District of New Mexico
New York Contact Information
Contact U.S. | Western District of New York
Contact | U.S. SDNY
North Carolina Office Locations | Eastern District of North Carolina
Western District of North Carolina | U.S. Probation Office Contact
North Dakota Contact U.S. | District of North Dakota
Ohio Contact U.S. | Northern District of Ohio
Contact U.S. | Southern District of Ohio
Western District of Oklahoma | U.S. Probation Office
Contact U.S. | Northern District of Oklahoma
Oregon Contact U.S. | District of Oregon
Pennsylvania Contact U.S. | Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Contact U.S. | Western District of Pennsylvania
Office Locations | Middle District of Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Contact U.S. | District of Rhode Island
South Carolina HQ | District of South Carolina
South Dakota Contact U.S. | District of South Dakota
Tennessee Office Locations | Eastern District of Tennessee
Office Locations | Western District of Tennessee
Texas Alpine Office – U.S. Probation Office
Austin Division – U.S. Probation Office
Del Rio Division – U.S. Probation Office
El Paso Division – U.S. Probation Office
Fort Hood Office – U.S. Probation Office
Midland – Odessa Division – U.S. Probation Office
Pecos Division – U.S. Probation Office
San Antonio Division – U.S. Probation Office
Temple Office – U.S. Probation Office
Waco Division – U.S. Probation Office
Southern District of Texas
Office Locations | Northern District of Texas
Utah District of Utah | U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services
Vermont Staff Directory | District of Vermont
Virginia Norfolk (District Headquarters) | Eastern District of Virginia
Western District of Virginia | U.S. Probation Office
Washington Western District of Washington | U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services
Contact U.S. | Eastern District of Washington
West Virginia U.S. Probation Office | Southern District of West Virginia | U.S. District Court
Contact U.S. | Northern District of West Virginia
Wisconsin Office Locations | Western District of Wisconsin
WIEP / Home / About / Contact
Wyoming Office Locations | District of Wyoming
American Samoa Judiciary of American Samoa
District of Guam & Northern Mariana Islands U.S. Probation Office, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico Contact U.S. | U.S. Probation Office
U.S. Virgin Islands Probation Office | District Court of the Virgin Islands

How To Locate Someone’s Probation Officer & Community Supervision Location by State

The directory provided below contains contact information for all states and serves as a useful tool for locating someone’s probation officer.

State Contact
Alabama Contact Information | Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
Alaska Department Contacts
Arizona Parole Office Locations | Arizona DOC, Rehabilitation and Reentry
Arkansas Department Directory – Arkansas DOC
California Regional Units and Headquarters Offices – Division of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO)
Colorado Colorado Judicial Branch – Probation – By County
Connecticut Adult Probation Directory – CT Judicial Branch
Delaware Contact us – DOC – State of Delaware
Florida Probation Services — Florida DOC
Georgia Find a Field Office
Hawaii HI Judiciary | Contact
Idaho District Offices | Idaho DOC
Illinois Illinois Probation – AOIC Contacts
Indiana IOCS Directory – Probation
Iowa 3rd Judicial District | Iowa DOC
Kansas Kansas Parole Services Contacts
Kentucky Kentucky Department of Probation and Parole Contact
Louisiana Probation & Community Corrections – Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections
Maine Region 1 | DOC
Region 2 | DOC
Region 3 | DOC
Maryland DPSCS – Parole and Probation
Massachusetts Learn about accessing probation information
Michigan Parole Probation Office Directory
Minnesota Directory Search Criteria
Mississippi Contact Us
Missouri Division of Probation & Parole
Montana MT DOC Directory
Nebraska Chief Probation Officers | Nebraska Judicial Branch
Nevada Contact Information
New Hampshire Contact Us, New Hampshire DOC
New Jersey New Jersey Probation Contact
New Mexico Probation and Parole | NM Corrections Department
New York Contact Probation – Probation
North Carolina Employee Directory | NC DPS
North Dakota Parole and Probation | ND DOC and Rehabilitation
Ohio Ohio Parole Regions
Oklahoma Probation and Parole Services Contact
Oregon Oregon Board of Parole Contact
Pennsylvania Contact Us
Rhode Island Office Locations & Phone Numbers | DOC
South Carolina Contact Us | SCDPPPS
South Dakota Parole Service Offices
Tennessee Field Office Directory
Texas Parole Division
Utah Offender Resources – Utah DOC
Vermont Probation and Parole Offices | DOC
Virginia Community-Based Probation & Pretrial Services Directory
Washington Contact Community Reentry | Washington State DOC
West Virginia Division of Probation Services – WV Judiciary
Wisconsin DOC Adult Probation & Parole Offices List
Wyoming DOC – Adult Community Corrections
American Samoa Contact
District of Guam Judiciary of Guam
Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Judiciary Directory
Puerto Rico DCR
U.S. Virgin Islands Probation & Parole Officer Services | Virgin Islands

How To Search for Someone’s Probation Officer Through (County or City) Community Supervision & Corrections

In addition to federal and state searches, some counties maintain community supervision departments and have probation officers employed by the county. For example, The Judicial Branch of Arizona in Maricopa County has a supervision department that caters to standard and intensive probations. The county also has a reentry services section that assists offenders to integrate back into the community.

The judicial branch of Arizona website that hosts Maricopa County information on how residents can contact probation officers through the community supervisions and corrections chief of supervision services.
Contact information can be scoured from the website to perform a parole and probation lookup. No matter the case, inquirers should visit their respective county websites to determine if there is a dedicated department and subsequently make the necessary queries.

To summarize, someone interested in finding a probation officer has four search categories available: federal, state, county, and sometimes city, which can effectively narrow down and locate the probation officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Google to Determine if Someone is on Probation or Parole?

It is possible to establish if an individual is on probation or parole using a Google search. This information is a matter of public record and easily accessible to citizens. Having the full names of the individual will vastly aid the investigation, and an inquirer may visit either the county court website or the local police department site with this information – these can all be done by employing Google to locate the correct agency.


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